annee ♥ ! (everso___sweet) wrote in jew_tang,
annee ♥ !

brandon requested my presence

1. 5 Favorite artists (musical)- thursday, the early november, copeland, fall out boy, senses fail
2. 5 Favorite books- harry potter [[shutup]], catcher in the rye, introductory to spanish 1, to kill a mocking bird, othello
3. 5 Favorite movies- the curve, sixteen candles, tommy boy, how to deal, a walk to remember
4. Lets be honest...jewish, or not? lets be honest im half jewish
5. If so, what form? (i.e reform etc.).... the half kind
6. Political party affiliated with (or most views shared) republican
7. Do any of your family members work for the media? no way jose
8. Is anyone in your immediate family a doctor, lawyer, banker, etc.? hm no
9. Is it true that jews enjoy oral sex 66 percent more than goyums? hahah yesss
10. If livejournal COSTED MONEY, do you think you'd be here, right now? fuck no
11. Why did you apply here? brandon held a gun to my head and said "you fuckin hoe, if you dont apply right now imma blow yo fuckin brains out!!!!!!!!!!!!!'....

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