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1. 5 Favorite artists (musical)-modest mouse,radiohead,the cure,david bowie,the faint
2. 5 Favorite books-napalm and silly putty,transworld,slap,highlights
3. 5 Favorite movies-fight club,the butterfly effect,kill bill,about schmit,igby goes down
4. Lets be honest...jewish, or not?yes
5. If so, what form? (i.e reform etc.)orthodox
6. Political party affiliated with (or most views shared)democratic!oi vay that was a stupid question!
7. Do any of your family members work for the media?yeah my dad is woody allen
8. Is anyone in your immediate family a doctor, lawyer, banker, etc.?my mom is a brain surgen
9. Is it true that jews enjoy oral sex 66 percent more than goyums?um..yes?
10. If livejournal COSTED MONEY, do you think you'd be here, right now?no
11. Why did you apply here?gottaq be reppin the jews
12. Post 3+ pictures, here we look for beauty, or ridiculously jewish looking people/i cant

shabat shalom
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