amba (____awhchillson) wrote in jew_tang,

1. 5 Favorite artists (musical)-Led Zep, Steve Miller Band, New Found Glory, Backstreet Boys, Ludacris
2. 5 Favorite books-There's a Wocket in my Pocket.
3. 5 Favorite movies-Friday, Requiem, mmmm?
4. Lets be honest...jewish, or not? sadly, no.
5. If so, what form? (i.e reform etc.)
6. Political party affiliated with (or most views shared):im not affiliated with the government, partly because i hate bush, and i think its just bullshit.
7. Do any of your family members work for the media? nooope.
8. Is anyone in your immediate family a doctor, lawyer, banker, etc.?:i live in the ghetto. so i doubt it.
9. Is it true that jews enjoy oral sex 66 percent more than goyums?:whats a goyum? candy?
10. If livejournal COSTED MONEY, do you think you'd be here, right now?:hell naw!
11. Why did you apply here?:brando britches requested my presence.
12. Post 3+ pictures, here we look for beauty, or ridiculously jewish looking people

alright, now accept my ass, so i can spread the Jewish love.

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