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1. 5 Favorite artists (musical)-le tigre//nfg//tbs//backstreetboys//the postal service.
2. 5 Favorite books- hp 1, hp2, hp3, hp4, hp5.. yes ive read all the harry potter books more than once.
3. 5 Favorite movies- blow, aladdian: return of jafar, pirates of the carribean, ferris buellers day off, thats all i got.
4. Lets be honest...jewish, or not? nah
5. If so, what form? (i.e reform etc.)yes
6. Political party affiliated with (or most views shared) republican i guess?
7. Do any of your family members work for the media?nope.
8. Is anyone in your immediate family a doctor, lawyer, banker, etc.? my dad is a drug dealer.. does that count?
9. Is it true that jews enjoy oral sex 66 percent more than goyums?duh
10. If livejournal COSTED MONEY, do you think you'd be here, right now? fuck no.
11. Why did you apply here?because brandon told me to.. and because i did the layout, and i must say its a very attractive journal.
12. Post 3+ pictures, here we look for beauty, or ridiculously jewish looking people

sooo i make the same face... a lot.

that is all... yup.

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