Chris (beingreallydim) wrote in jew_tang,

1. 5 Favorite artists (musical)- led zeppelin, ac/dc, the clash, jimi to the hendrix, the artist formally known as prince
2. 5 Favorite books- catcher in the rye, fahrenheit 451, downsize this(random threats from a blah blah blah michael moore is still a fat ass), kubrick(mostly a book of pictures but i read the captions), animal farm
3. 5 Favorite movies-pulp fiction, the great dictator, vertigo, the birds, zoolander
4. Lets be honest...jewish, or not? hell to the no
5. If so, what form? (i.e reform etc.)
6. Political party affiliated with (or most views shared)? i think they call it green
7. Do any of your family members work for the media? no
8. Is anyone in your immediate family a doctor, lawyer, banker, etc.?no
9. Is it true that jews enjoy oral sex 66 percent more than goyums?sure hell why not?
10. If livejournal COSTED MONEY, do you think you'd be here, right now?FUCK NOOOOOO
11. Why did you apply here? because i finally got around to being ryans bizatch and applying for this community
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